Wednesday, February 27, 2013

our vintage trailer

as luck would have it, we found our lil' shasta trailer here in CA!! it was love at first sight! i had a vision for her. i wanted to restore her and get her lookin' all pretty again! i still have that hope, that she is going to get her groove back, but until then, she has to go down in history and be an illustrated part of our family.

so as i was laying down one afternoon, i thought, since financially, she's not on the priority list of expenditures, why don't i illustrate her! why, don't i show off what i am dreaming about for her future?...hehehe! and of course, in the doodling process, the chandelier in the windows was born. 
aaaaahhhh! yes...she has to have a "chandy" in the area we eat, and 
a welcoming "chandy" to bless all that come in. 
we want the "chandy" to shed light over any darkness coming in or out of our living space. right? 

and then, of course, hearts coming out of the top, because sunlight comes in to give us life. so have to give life, alot of love!!! we have to love the life we live because everyday we live is a gift from the almighty heavens above!!!
and last, our vintage trailer is blazing a trail of hearts, because every road we meet, needs to be approach with love and consideration. even if you've gone down that road before, you still have to go down that path with lots of love and no fear!!!

prints are available this weekend at the vintage marketplace, in fallbrook, ca. 
but if you can't make it out, prints are now available 

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