Friday, October 28, 2011

vendor night... north carolina, and i was sick as a dog!!!!
tsa ran my suitcase ragged. they broke all my halloween handmade treats to sell. all i was left with was this....

 {these pics are from my the pics aren't the best}
no camera, at my first art event!!!
...i was happy to say the least, because i still did well with my trinkets!! halloween tombstones would have knocked your socks off...
but who would know other than my husband, kids, and moms. they saw me working feverishly trying to get these tombstones packed and off to north carolina.
and here they are, my tombstones, after tsa got a hold of them....

they unpacked each of the tombstones...mind u, they weren't even taped. just covered so that they stay in tact! but nooooo!!!!!
they had to rip the little suckers apart! really? who rips a decoration appart? and... what the hell where they looking for? that's what i want to know?
 gone are my holiday tombstones. now, i just have to rebuild them and wait for 2012! 
mwhhhaaaa! ha! ha!
jost' a  v'ait for my reeeeturn!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

already a week ago...

.....i was in north carolina with all of my kindred spirited crafting women!
yahooo! even though i was under the weather, i enjoyed jennifer hayslip's event:
not only did i attend this event...i was a vendor! pics to come...yahoooo! 
i can't wait to share my pictures with u all! so stay tuned because, i can't wait to share all my fav pix. it's going to be fun! fun! fun!
for those of u who missed such an enchanting event, shhhh, i have a secret.
there is going to be another event coming up, that in our backyard..... !
kim caldwell is going to be putting on another star studded event in may next year.
affaire at tiffany's

omg! i'm smitten by the theme. keep checking her website and her blog for the updates!  i can't wait for the teaching line~up and projects! i think it's going to be ridiculous!
save up! because this is going to be amazing.
stay tunes for my pictures from
once upon a dream in asheville north carolina!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

flapper charms today...

...on my etsy website! 

after carefully drawing my inner spirited flapper girl, i just couldn't think of what else to do with her. every now and again, i get this urge to doodle! so while i was watching savannah play soccer, there i was on the field....just doodling away!!!!
from the doodle, i went into my bruja cave and just started to embellish, and brew...bubbles, bubbles...toils and troubles....
here they are:
 they are just to cute! right?

{each charm measures 1x3, and sandwiched between glass} 
really, i'm only working with a 1x3 canvas, so finding the right words, and situating them can be so tedious.
but...i'm excited to put these girls in my shop! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

flapper charms...

...are making their stage debut TOMORROW!!!!
{click on the badge above and go to my etsy shop}

Thursday, September 15, 2011

i can't believe it's already one year later.....

memories of the mary engelbreit home companion workshops!
i'm loving the collaging technique i figured out. i can add so many fun photos to one event and share!!! so cool! needless to say, at this event  i met so many awesome men and women. well, hehe there was only one man, mathew mead! but bottom line, i met some fun women.
i thought it would add a nice touch to my collage if i named all the people i met while crafting in the stl! although it was a mary engelbreit event, there was still a sense of intimacy with the women who where there!
i had a great time....except for the tornado that touch down not to far from my hotel room.
there's alot of weather that goes on in the mid west, & the south! i know i'm a california spoiled brat. so when they say take cover and hide in your tub...i'm thinking, there is no way i'm going to spend the rest of my time sleeping in no tub!
although i don't have a picture of her, another girlfriend i met at the event is the lovely dee foust. i had to take this picture from mr. mead's website. hehe
 she's going to be teaching ay jennifer hayslip's event in north carolina, in october.i'm excited for her, and to take part in this event! let's see what adventures north carolina will bring?
although, i'm not a huge baseball freak, this venue was pretty cool! 
the cardinals busch stadium in st louis missouri.
i made this collage for my son. he's not a big baseball fan but he does love that i'm traveled.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

urban barn

escondido, ca or bust...
here are just a few pictures of our cross merchandising we did with my girlfriend andrea from 
we'll be back on sept 16 & 17....


Friday, July 1, 2011

oooh la la...

I love being able to c what I'm creating with! 
every time I  take out my trays of lovliness...i'm smitten by all the beautiful colors and sparkles!!!
oh and for get it! whenever I need to stock up on supplies...just taking out my lil' treasures just get me all excited again, and spend money on more bling!!!
I love creating stuff for all to enjoy!
Love it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

showgirl flapper charms...

mirror, mirror standing tall, who is the best flapper of this enchanted ball?
"p" is for priscilla luvs purple!!! yay!

♥ inspiration~
inspired by the movie “burlesque”, each “ooak” flappers is dressed and ready for show time! dangerous on the dance floor, ready to perform, these showgirls have plenty of talent. each showgirl represents an initial to tell all!!! whether its’ namesake or attitude…each showgirl lives up to her expectation.

♥ description~
each charm is composed of original & altered artwork converted into print. each charm is glittered with german glass glitter and decorated with swarovski crystals sandwiched between beautiful beveled glass. Each curiosity is then framed with very high silver content lead~free solder, individually handmade & designed by me!

No 2 soldered charms are alike. Each one is unique, with its own lil’ character! They are meant to be shared, worn, or just to adorn!

♥ charm size~
2in x 2in

♥ useful idea~
the perfect gift to share when you out and about. Charms are always a conversation starter. Maybe you want to hang it from your purse, clutch, suitcase, carry~on, train case, make-up case, ipad or ipod case. These charms make the perfect ornament to any trinket or basket.

Monday, June 27, 2011


...i can not believe that almost 17 years later, i am seeing myself outside of myself again!!!
i remember when i was invited to the premiere of dangerous minds starring michelle pfifer. i was in the other actors class not the main class but...when i was sitting in the audience watching the movie, i almost crawled underneath my seat when my scene came on! i just couldn't believe that there i was...watching myself. it was the weirdest feeling! i remember my mom being so proud of this moment! when she saw that i had sank into my seat...all i remember her doing was moving her lips....whah!whah!...!!!
when i finally came back to reality, i could hear her say, why are you doing that? get up! and i jumped back up in my seat to watch the movie again. LOL! then i came on again....whooop! right back down i went.
this was that moment...only 15 years later. see that my son is so proud of this moment...and that he's the one who took on our family's creative side, makes me blush.
anyway...this is the article that "creat with me" published. and it's such an honor.
if this art piece could talk!!! boy o'boy....

{To be continued}

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jenny Doh' House

{sarah meehan and melody nunez in the miki~fiki mix 1's & 2's...boiiii!!! }
This was a time of laughing, crafting, wine-ing & dining!

Monday, April 25, 2011 i come....

this is the weekend i have been so anxiously preparing for!
i will be a vendor at this event PLUS,
my leather purses make their debut.
i can't wait!!!

mae west in white
there's no place like home in red

Friday, April 22, 2011

create with me...

ian and i are officially going to be published artist! a dream come true for this boy and i. as u can see, he is always in the studio either watching, learning, or just giving his input. has all paid off because....

we are going to be published in a new stampington magazine called "create with Me" that will be hitting newsstands SSSOOO SOOOON!'
July 1, 2011
we made "The Emerald City" out of everything recycled. it was a joy to make. hopefully u enjoy the publication just as much we enjoyed, creating, and painting!!!