Tuesday, March 5, 2013

our cinderfella story

Vic and I were estate sale "picking" 6 months ago! We were on a mission to "pick" buried treasures! When we came across this jacket in an online picture both Vic and i looked at each other and said, 
We have GOT to have it!
We get to the estate sale an put our names on the list. We are #6 & #7 on the list! Mind you, we arrived at this home at about 4am!
Doors to the sale open @ 7am, so there were are! excited.
They open up the doors to the estate sale, and they let the first 10 names on the list go through... and
The race between us and the people ahead of us....was on!
Victor runs up the stairs, I go to the left of the house. Man, could hear Vic running back and forth upstairs!and i'm picking stuff up left and right downstairs.
Then I hear Vic asking about the jacket. I'm thinking...crap, time isn't on our side because the next 10 are going to be coming in soon! shoot!!! shoot!!! shoot!!!
I continue looking through a pile of clothes of the room I'm in and ....
ta da! 
Laying on a nearby table waiting for me is the 1940's bomber jacket!
I yell, "V! I found the jacket!" I go throughout the estate yelling to V, because i don't know where he is, I'm just yelling in the house, "Hay V, I found it!!! I have the jacket "
Vic comes down the stairs sweating, the house was a bit stuffy, with a look of relief, and says, "phew! Sweet!"
Flash forward, 6 mos. we've had this bomber jacket out and about for awhile. But the men that had tried it on, just didn't fit the bill!
I knew when I picked up that jacket, I could visualize the guy that this jacket would be a perfect fit! But none of these men were "Cinderfella".
Time and time we would get men that would try the jacket on, but again, because I visualized the guy that would fit the jacket, I already knew, it just wasn't going to be a match! So I never pushed the sell!

Sunday March 3, the last day of the event @ the vintage marketplace! I'm packing up our things neatly because we have another event right around the corner, Glitterfest! I'm displaying a necklace on my miniature mannequin when I hear a voice behind say, " I gotta have that jacket!" I looked up, because i'm facing the jacket, and knew instinctively
...it was him!
i turned around and when I looked up at the voice, there he was...the guy I had visualized, would be the perfect fit for this jacket!
I just knew it! without trying to look or sound creepy, i could just hear my inner voice saying, " He's {the jacket} been waiting for u!"
Still trying not to sound tooo excited in addition to creepy, I said, "would u like to try it on? And if u don't decide to take the jacket, that's fine but can I still take a picture of u in the jacket"
The boy replied, "sure!"
I knew from the moment this kid took his "members only" jacket off, that this jacket was going to fit like a glove and it was going home with him!
In my heart, I just had this feeling from the moment I looked up from hanging my necklace that these two would go down as...
a historical "pick" for Vic and I!
Victor took our 100 year old steamer trunk, laid it down, put the vintage military cots on the floor, added another trunk behind the young man, and...

Our Cinderfella Story comes to an amazing end!
Thank u all for staying tuned!!
Hope the story was worth the wait!


  1. I love this story! And I could clearly learn some things about Estate Sale-ing from you and your hubby. :)

  2. Nice! I can see you two running around that house. Great story!