Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hand delivered with a delicious touch!

I had an idea that I had to share with you. I am always in and out of restaurants, and am always seeing different types of plastic containers that store food, just being tossed away. Every time I see someone tossing the container, I always think, "How can I reuse this?" Or when I'm in a candy store, and I watch the sales rep package an ordinary chocolate covered strawberry in that rectangular clear box with cute shred, I think, "yay! That's so cute!" Then you give that strawberry gift to that special someone, & they just toss that clear, rectangular box into the trash, and you're just watching it fall right into the trash can in slow motion, thinking, Nooo! Do you know what I can do with that? But you don't say anything out loud because ordinary people don't think like creative minds do!

What a Creative Living Idea! Don't u think? What I did was simply combined a candy shop package with twine & colored tissue. I needed to wrap a custom made ornament for a client that I was going to hand deliver. After wrapping the ornament, I thought, Aaargh! This is such a cute gift but it just looks so, blah! Then I remembered, I had some left over dessert in the refrigerator from the night before. So I took out the dessert, wiped the container clean, and thought… AHA! I Finally! found a reason to use these containers and not have to feel guilty by throwing them away anymore! Can I just share, that just by wrapping that cute handmade ornament, in that cute little container, filled with colored tissue paper, tied with the twine & finished off with a crown brooch, I actually made my handmade beauty look boutique, and not swap meet!

You can turn your handmade gift from boring & unthoughtful to delicious and unexpected. It's definitely an inexpensive way to regift with an unexpected solution!

Hand delivered with a delicious touch!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

belt urself in tight....

...because we are in for a ride! yyyahoooo!

charlie chaplin

these vintage inspired belt buckles were just a joy to create! i could just embellish and decorate until my heart desired! then i thought...ooops! some of these are for men! and sure husband ran off with one in this collection.

sophia loren

laurel and hardy!
atleast i know...if my husband can sport one of these beauties...i know other metro males can sport them well, assssss' well! {it was a james dean!}
james dean

jean harlow

the fabulous mae west....


Sunday, December 5, 2010

inspiration delivered!

i have been movin' and grovin' but haven't been able to blog a post to save my life...until now! it's amazing how an artist mind works. very fragile i tell u. u come to the computer, u sit and look at the key pad, and....nada! not'a damn thing comes to mind. u leave u go out with the fam, u come back, u upload the pictures, and....ur not motivated to write about that because, aaaah! it's to soon to talk about.

anyway, my girlfriend mariasella signed us up to do a local craft fair, and that's when my creative angel came and sat on my shoulder to chit chat! and whooolah!

inspiration was delivered!

the golden era of hollywood inspired my creative juices and i was soaring with memories of watching all these classic movies with my mom as a kid. my mom wanted to be an actress, dancer, singer...u name it, she was trying it. my mom can watch old movies on a rainy day, all day long and crochet. and there i was, right there next to her, thinking i was going to be shirley temple one day, " on the good ship....lollipop!"

well, hollywood never did call, but it did inspire me to create an solder my heart out! as i soldered each one of these ornaments....i was listening to old christmas carols streaming on kbig 103.5, i was just going down memory lane...with fred astaire. 2 of my favorite characters from wizard of oz are the cowardly lion, and the wicked witch! and as i was decorating them, i could laugh like the witch, scare myself, and then say..."put'em up, put'em up! fight you with my eyes closed, ay!"
oooh! and then jean harlow hit the table and "aaah!' i could here madonna's "vogue" playing in the background of the christmas carols, "just here those sleigh bells ringling'...vogue, vogue, vogue"! that's just how my mind work. it's just going places. then charlie chaplin jumped on the brain and man! i thought laurel and hardy....and boooom! i was back on stage again, in front of a packed audience, me! yeah! i was funny! ameteur of course, but....i was funny!
record scratches in the conscience tells me
"priscilla come back girl...ur dreaming again witch!"
and then, i'm back!
and....scene! LOL!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

bubbles, bubbles filled the air...

...and me always causing trouble, never rare.

well, what can i say, miss kim caldwell pulled it off again! another fantastice artistic affaire, that will go down in the books as one of my favorie pass times. darn! and i never take enough pictures! arrgh.

Seriously, I love every detail that kim puts into her events. I mean, it’s amazing that she does it all, not just for the love of crafting but for the love of an artistic community of women. She makes these events look and feel like an art spa. Everything from the venue, the decorations, down to the napkin ring holders, are carefully planned and executed by kim { & her mistress’}.

{mistress val~ one of my table partner}
Every one of her sponsors, and the women just attending the event, make it possible for this under the sea adventure to set sail into the night without any waves.
I am so glad I am in so cal, to pack up my car, drive to the event and come right back home with a mountain of luv’n gifts to remember all of these beautiful mermaids by.

It’s nice to hear, all these women laughing and enjoying our laugh, because it allows you to take time and enjoy each others company. plus, you get to meet new women from all over, every newbie is just taking in all the eye candy, and trying not to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by everything surrounding them like all the new faces, new names, and definitely very different personalities. then you think wow! I read her blog? Should I start a blog? What do I write about? oh look! she seems so sweet. is she approachable? I read her blog and now look, there she is…I don’t know her but I love her blog~ories. I laugh with that one girl, and she know that other girl. I read that other girls blog, too. She’s funny too! But I’m afraid to talk to her because she’s going to think I’m a stalker? Wow! Look at the center pieces, these are so beautiful, I could never create like this! What did I get myself into…shit! Jenny doh just said hi to me! …omg, that was the editor for my fav magazine, and know she’s like right here. What do I say? That napkin ring would look so good at my house. Can I take it? How embarrassing. Wait! Kim’s giving stuff away too! I love raffles. I hope she calls my name?

I mean…the list goes on and on with shit going through your head of meeting, exceeding, or living up to your own personal expectations. plus nerves, chills, and then you get the warm embraces!

aaaah! there is this sigh of relief, you pack up your bags, and realize how is all that shit going to fit in the duffle bag I brought! Because let me tell you, my girl mariasella doesn’t pack light and luv’s to shop, shop, shop. our car drives away every venue with a “burp”!

once it’s all over, you get home, you take out the stuff to show your family all your accomplishments {or lack thereof}, and it feels like it’s just never going to end! However, give yourself about a week to get over the spa high of the calming smell of glue because then there is this sense of beauty that manifests from these events…and that’s when you’ve been bitten by the


see you nextyear at "the moulin rouge"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the country mercantile

1007 6th st
norco, ca

it has been a long time comming, but we finally have decided to take my art and inspiration and open up shop in norco, ca @ the cuttest antique shabby chic shop in "horsetown usa"!

everything i stocked in the store, with vinatge bruja is made with love by the palm of my hands.
the country mercantile is a little cottage set on the main street of "horsetown usa" norco, ca!
This little cottage is filled with so many vintage finds, from beautifully painted furniture to antique "through back" furniture. Out back there's a cute little door that allows you to walk out to the adorable back yard that houses more little treasures and trinkets for your home and garden.
rhonda hawthorne and her husband are the hands behind the wheel of this ship! and they are just so sweet.
i am so excited to be a part of this family, that i just can't wait to for the future events to take place.
i mean....yeee~haaaw!
in honor of norco, ca.
come out and see us sometime. {wink, wink}