Wednesday, June 6, 2012

vintage bruja designs

vintage bruja designs by priscilla cerda

   i am a puerto rican girl, that is fun loving and full of life. i love all things vintage, thanks to my mom; my favorite holiday is halloween, and i love the wizard of oz! I was born and raised in the streets of los angeles, california. so, that makes me a californiarican girl!!! as a single child, acting and performing was my escape from my rough upbringing! i can never say, however, that i grew up a poor latina in the projects. nope! but what i can say is at a young age i knew about "dirty" money, hustlin', and bail bondsmen! {wink, wink}
   but let's not get off a mixed media artist and designer, most of my designs are inspired either by my culture or interests. since i live in the biggest melting pot in the u.s., my latin inspirations are just that; a celebration of everything latino, like a fiesta of colors, topped with religious cultural medals, with a caribbean twist of pride.
   because you are always a product of your environment, being raised in a suburb of east los angeles, mexican culture through the process of osmosis has influenced alot of my latin designs. my latin jewelry designs are not as precise as an aztec pyramid, but they are definitely bold, passionate and full of flavor.
   my mind is always in constant creative mode. if i'm not performing for you, i'm creating something for you. if i'm not creating something for you, i'm performing for my family and friends. i've always known that i wanted to be an artist and an entertainer. that's why the stage, my second home, is where i let it all hang out!! i love making people smile and laugh out loud. it has always been very fulfilling to my inner spirit and soul, watching peoples faces and reactions as i'm telling them my story.
   i grew up watching old movies of the the golden era of hollywood. my mom always wanted me to perform for her, so it was no surprise when i would bust a move in the middle of the supermarket, as she was grocery shopping, for all to see! she called it performing, i call it single child syndrome! anyway, in my single child world, i was going to be shirley temple, fred astaire, or ginger rogers one day! glamorous like sofia loren and vivian leigh, and funnier than don knotts, steve martin, eddie murphy, jim carrey, and robin williams. those were the men i love to study their delivery, mannerisms, and punchlines. i was in it to win it when i was performing improv!!!
now, i'm a mother of four, two of which are furry and four legged; a wife, and and an entrepreneur.
   i get to create and draw from the images of my imagination that were remnants of the past, brought to life again, and into your hands so that those stories continue to inspire!!! that's the joy i get from creating and selling! i hope u get the same joy of walking away with a piece of my artwork, that i get, when i am in my humble studio, putting thought into those pieces that came together.
in my mind, things you see, aren't always the way i, as a comedian would interpret it!
life takes me on many journeys! whether the journeys are physical or should come by and visit my subconscious thoughts and opinions...through my handmade creations and designs.

besos y bendiciones a todos!
priscilla cerda