Friday, October 28, 2011

vendor night... north carolina, and i was sick as a dog!!!!
tsa ran my suitcase ragged. they broke all my halloween handmade treats to sell. all i was left with was this....

 {these pics are from my the pics aren't the best}
no camera, at my first art event!!!
...i was happy to say the least, because i still did well with my trinkets!! halloween tombstones would have knocked your socks off...
but who would know other than my husband, kids, and moms. they saw me working feverishly trying to get these tombstones packed and off to north carolina.
and here they are, my tombstones, after tsa got a hold of them....

they unpacked each of the tombstones...mind u, they weren't even taped. just covered so that they stay in tact! but nooooo!!!!!
they had to rip the little suckers apart! really? who rips a decoration appart? and... what the hell where they looking for? that's what i want to know?
 gone are my holiday tombstones. now, i just have to rebuild them and wait for 2012! 
mwhhhaaaa! ha! ha!
jost' a  v'ait for my reeeeturn!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

already a week ago...

.....i was in north carolina with all of my kindred spirited crafting women!
yahooo! even though i was under the weather, i enjoyed jennifer hayslip's event:
not only did i attend this event...i was a vendor! pics to come...yahoooo! 
i can't wait to share my pictures with u all! so stay tuned because, i can't wait to share all my fav pix. it's going to be fun! fun! fun!
for those of u who missed such an enchanting event, shhhh, i have a secret.
there is going to be another event coming up, that in our backyard..... !
kim caldwell is going to be putting on another star studded event in may next year.
affaire at tiffany's

omg! i'm smitten by the theme. keep checking her website and her blog for the updates!  i can't wait for the teaching line~up and projects! i think it's going to be ridiculous!
save up! because this is going to be amazing.
stay tunes for my pictures from
once upon a dream in asheville north carolina!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

flapper charms today...

...on my etsy website! 

after carefully drawing my inner spirited flapper girl, i just couldn't think of what else to do with her. every now and again, i get this urge to doodle! so while i was watching savannah play soccer, there i was on the field....just doodling away!!!!
from the doodle, i went into my bruja cave and just started to embellish, and brew...bubbles, bubbles...toils and troubles....
here they are:
 they are just to cute! right?

{each charm measures 1x3, and sandwiched between glass} 
really, i'm only working with a 1x3 canvas, so finding the right words, and situating them can be so tedious.
but...i'm excited to put these girls in my shop! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

flapper charms...

...are making their stage debut TOMORROW!!!!
{click on the badge above and go to my etsy shop}