Saturday, December 1, 2012

vintage marketplace 2012

As we wrap up the year...we just wanted to share the love with some of the other girls that we appreciate, share, network, love and enjoy! Until next year Ladies! Salut to the year that has past...& mucho Amor & continued Prosperity for the year to come! 💋Muah💋 #vintagemarketplace #vendor #vintagebrujadesigns #vintagebruja

Sunday, September 30, 2012

dis de los muertos

I love halloween! eeek! i'm in love with dia del los muertos. I love the idea of celebrating the lives of our family ancestors and what legacy they have left us here on earth!
eventhough it's traditionally a mexican celebration, i have fully embraced it and enjoy the meaning of this festivities.
the other day i was walking past my favorite store, paper source, and.... i see the most amazing and inspiring window! i love it when stores recognize our latin heritage! i was sooo inspired.
yes! it set the tone for my imagination to just rrrrruuuun!
aaaahhaahhaaaaaayyyyyy! I just had to scream!
each catrina measures 4" by 3" and is embellished with swarovski crystals.
each leather flower, skull, and catrina hat is hand cut and placed to make sure her image is properly decorated and represented. 

and.... my catrina hair clips were born! 
a plan in my imagination, then on to paper, and image with leather.
the things we can dream up and make come to life, is just so awesome!
so, with that said, they will be available on my etsy:
tomorrow...october 1, 2012!
besos y un gran abrazo!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

evolution of vintage bruja designs

12 years ago, my husband and i hit the flea market circuit with personalized name buckets with original drawn artwork for the lil' ones! we named that business "lil' miss savannah's treasures"!
It was a huge hit and a great success!
{this is what we came up with back in 2000}
{here is Target's version of lil' miss savannah's treasures}
unfortunately, because of the great success we were having, physically the success was wearing on me physically, and we went on a business hiatus! 

i've always love to make things for kids because they are so expressive!! When you capture a child's attention, u get mind, body,  and soul!!!
children still have a creative imagination, and taping into that is what I love about creating lil' treasures for them! 
these picture clearly depict why i...genuinely enjoy the lil' ones!!
{lil' treasures we customized @ the vintage marketplace in fallbrook, ca this past weekend}
so cute!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

vintage marketplace

in fallbrook, ca has been great!!! it's day one of the vintage marketplace! good times but HUMID as heck!!!!! #vintagebruja #vendor #customeleather #vintagemarketplace

Friday, August 3, 2012

fullerton flea market...

...hi! ho!!!!
this weekend, we are going for it again!!! mercantile flea market  in fullerton! 
behind the carpe diem experience @: 
115 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

so come out and support the local indie artist of orange county!


Friday, July 13, 2012

the vintage marketplace

just announced....vintage bruja designs will be making our debut @ The Vintage Marketplace in Sept. yyyaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
we are going to have leather supplies, leather bags, and some great picking finds at great picker prices!!!

come out and join us at this amazing flea market boutique!!! it's like nothing you've seen...

every booth has to be decorated like a little store under a tent!!! 



 xoxoxoxo i can't wait!!!!


 the pressure is on to make our lil' store stand out! aaaahhhh!

 i'm definitely excited to be joining this talented group of women...

Monday, July 9, 2012

handmade boho gypsy purse

just recently i was able to get my hands on a beautiful allotment of these amazing bohemian gypsy bags.
a friend of mine had seen them in a magazine advertisement and online for $265. as soon as i saw the bags...i was in love with the bohemian summer look about them. the craftsmanship of these bags speak for themselves. they are carefully made and colorfully coordinated. with each bag uniquely made, with hand beaded tassels, you can be sure that no one else will have the same bag as you anywhere!
besides, for $130 & free shipping...c'mon, it's a summer must have!!!
  • 20" W x 15" H x 13" D
  • 32" strap with 16" drop
  • made from 100% recycled materials.
  • eco-friendly materials and dye-processes
so, in box me @:
if you or your friends are interested in these beautiful purse / bags.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

vintage bruja designs

vintage bruja designs by priscilla cerda

   i am a puerto rican girl, that is fun loving and full of life. i love all things vintage, thanks to my mom; my favorite holiday is halloween, and i love the wizard of oz! I was born and raised in the streets of los angeles, california. so, that makes me a californiarican girl!!! as a single child, acting and performing was my escape from my rough upbringing! i can never say, however, that i grew up a poor latina in the projects. nope! but what i can say is at a young age i knew about "dirty" money, hustlin', and bail bondsmen! {wink, wink}
   but let's not get off a mixed media artist and designer, most of my designs are inspired either by my culture or interests. since i live in the biggest melting pot in the u.s., my latin inspirations are just that; a celebration of everything latino, like a fiesta of colors, topped with religious cultural medals, with a caribbean twist of pride.
   because you are always a product of your environment, being raised in a suburb of east los angeles, mexican culture through the process of osmosis has influenced alot of my latin designs. my latin jewelry designs are not as precise as an aztec pyramid, but they are definitely bold, passionate and full of flavor.
   my mind is always in constant creative mode. if i'm not performing for you, i'm creating something for you. if i'm not creating something for you, i'm performing for my family and friends. i've always known that i wanted to be an artist and an entertainer. that's why the stage, my second home, is where i let it all hang out!! i love making people smile and laugh out loud. it has always been very fulfilling to my inner spirit and soul, watching peoples faces and reactions as i'm telling them my story.
   i grew up watching old movies of the the golden era of hollywood. my mom always wanted me to perform for her, so it was no surprise when i would bust a move in the middle of the supermarket, as she was grocery shopping, for all to see! she called it performing, i call it single child syndrome! anyway, in my single child world, i was going to be shirley temple, fred astaire, or ginger rogers one day! glamorous like sofia loren and vivian leigh, and funnier than don knotts, steve martin, eddie murphy, jim carrey, and robin williams. those were the men i love to study their delivery, mannerisms, and punchlines. i was in it to win it when i was performing improv!!!
now, i'm a mother of four, two of which are furry and four legged; a wife, and and an entrepreneur.
   i get to create and draw from the images of my imagination that were remnants of the past, brought to life again, and into your hands so that those stories continue to inspire!!! that's the joy i get from creating and selling! i hope u get the same joy of walking away with a piece of my artwork, that i get, when i am in my humble studio, putting thought into those pieces that came together.
in my mind, things you see, aren't always the way i, as a comedian would interpret it!
life takes me on many journeys! whether the journeys are physical or should come by and visit my subconscious thoughts and opinions...through my handmade creations and designs.

besos y bendiciones a todos!
priscilla cerda

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

tiffany and co

{these were my "roomie" gifts....we had a blast!!!}
i have always been fascinated with fashion, jewelery and hollywood. tiffany's has influenced so much of all that history! not only did audrey hepburn star in "breakfast at tiffany's" that has become alot of my inspiration to illustrate and create but, i can't forget my other silver screen icon marylin monroe and her tiffany's inspiration. i mean, she performed "diamond are a girls best friend" and tiffany's was mentioned a couple of times!!!
{these are my die cuts on etsy. click vintage bruja to go to my etsy}
{this was a necklace i created 2 years ago...SOLD}
so with that said, i was not going to miss kim caldwell's "affaire at tiffany's" event that was just this past weekend, may 3-6, 2012.

especially with the attention to detail she, kim, puts into every event....nor does she spare any expense!!! she makes u feel like, u are living the moment as it really happened!! it really is an art retreat!!!
 i luv tiffany's

{this was a belt buckle i made 3 years ago...SOLD}
and so i had to dedicate a pinterest board to this theme, that i have been creating art with for awhile!!
{these are my tiffany die cuts....Kim used them on her affaire @ tiffany's menu!!! shhh}

yay!, here's my tiffany and co pinterest board click on the "p".....and the bubbles will take u to my pinterest brew....

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

stagecoach 2012

stagecoach here we come again!!!
the stagecoach country music festival is southern california's biggest country concert held in the coachella valley. This year they added an additional day of concerts and it's going to be sooo much fun!

i'll be chilln' on the dirt roads...that's for sure!
children under 10 are admitted for free, and that's why we have an area designated the half pint hootenanny just for the kids to enjoy. this is where we offer, our free demonstration of leather stamping! all the kids 10 and under get a free leather bracelet that they can stamp their names on! home depot also sponsors a kids workshop where the kids can do their own make and takes. and it's all free!!! it makes bringing the kids to this event worthwhile. 
half pint hootenanny
this is the area designated for the kids to enjoy all day!!! and this is what i love about this's all about family and fun!
i have been getting ready all year just for this event...and yes, i do have a pinterest board that is just dedicated to this event and everything it inspires.!!!

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yay! i cant wait to be footloose and fancy free!!! 
and as i pack up my clothes...u bet i'm using my board to pack...

i just can't wait!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

cameo and silhouette

so, we are in the process of restoring our 68' shasta trailer! and i can't wait to start on the interior decorating. i am always in a vintage state of mind, so incorporating timeless pieces and family make cameo's and silhouettes the perfect match for our trailer. since i am smitten by silhouettes, cameos, and burlap...i think that might be the route i take. silhouettes are sophisticated and classy, and something the hubby can be surrounded by and still have a masculine feel.

martha stewart has a great tutorial on personalizing silhouettes, but has an even better approach to making family silhouettes. her tutorial is easy breezy. i'm sure when we start getting into the decorating and diy...i'll have to post some pictures of our family silhouettes photos....

As i was looking for more silhouette how to's,, came up on the boards. And that's where i found this amazing jewelry line... these would be an awesome mother's day gift for a loved one. silhouettes are timeless. no matter how old, silhouettes never loose their classy look!!

i'm always designing for the sexes, so silhouettes are just the answer!  and, no surprises's the perfect way to also incorporate a halloween theme!!!
i can't wait!!!!

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Friday, April 13, 2012

wine cellar chronicles
i am in love with the idea of what imagery pinterest has allowed my mind! i had to dedicate one of my boards to a lost but never forgotten memory in my life, our beautiful wine bar that allowed us so many amazing memories of people, places, and most important our love of wine!!!!
ever since we had our wine shop, i have always wanted to go mobile. being that every one lives busy lives...i wanted to do wine tasting inside our customers homes. as a pharmaceutical rep, it wasn't always easy to get some of my clients to our wine bar. every time they would ask about "wine picks" i always had a great choice, but no matter what, they needed to taste it! so, to go from the oc (aka orange county, ca), to the ie (aka inland empire, ca), was for the most part, out of the question.
it was because of this business venture my husband and i did, that we decided that we wouldn't let the failure of our business and everything we lost, to leave us with the fear of never starting a business again. although, we decided that wine, and everything that comes along with the business wasn't what we wanted to do again! but....because of the love of people we encountered while running our business, is what we were craving yet again. combining the people idea, going mobile, and love for our latin culture, we have decided to try our chances at another business!!!!
after we closed our beautiful wine store, we're still huge wine buffs with a dream of continuing our knowledge of wine and owning a wine cellar again one day. however, instead of selling the wine, we want to collect and store it, to eventually entertain with it! we'd like to keep it as a hobby that we can share.
we, were always excited about latinos in the wine business, and we loved following their success. we had the privileged of staying at the ceja winery while we took our napa tour of vintners. this was probably our fondest memories of our napa trip. the ceja family was so hospitable in allowing us to stay on the property in their guest bedroom!!!
they cooked us dinner and paired every plate with their wine, the stories of the plantation, and the amazing harvesting.
now, we make sure, ceja sits at our dinner table, every chance we get!