Wednesday, February 6, 2013

glitterfest spring 2013

just announced and excited to be a part of:
omg! one of my favorite events, as an attendee but  now i have the privilege of saying, that, .....victor and i will be selling our fun and whimsical leather goods!!!! whooo hoooo!
so... save the's a spectacular event with an entry fee of $7. U get a room full of amazing inspiring decor to house the talented artist that submit their work to sell!!! it really is a glittery event with lots of fun and happy people!!
i always know that my $7 to get into this wonderland of eye candy is always worth it!! You get to see things that just blow your mind away with how amazing each artists' imagination works!! 
If your an artist, you can go into the event and just appreciate all the kindred minds and spirits that embody who u are! not to say...i can make that!
even in stand up comedy, if a comedian likes your work, and what u wrote speaks to them and it fits their set...they have the unspoken rule, to ask the originator of the joke, if they can use it in their set, and pay u for it! it may be $10 every time they use it...but if they blow up...they never forget the lil' comedians that helped. $10 could become $500 a week to write for them...u never know?
anyway, an artist creates new and exciting things!!! it's awesome! and then maybe, someday, you will be like us, mentioning, that u too have been judged by the jury and have pass the inspection to show your artwork and creations!!! 
i'm excited! I hope u can join all the fun! 

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