Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day!!

bulldog love
as i continue on this creative venture,
i am always reminded of my four legged furry friends that i love and that are so dear to me. this illustration is of an english bulldog, "greta" that we had adopted, loved and was a part of our family for a year. she always sat with this one foot in the weirdest way...and always looked so uncomfortable....but she'd fall asleep, sitting up just like this!

when we lost all of our material belongings in the market crash 3.5 years ago, we lost "greta" as well. she had to be returned to her breeder, because the house we moved to, didn't allow pets, let alone 3. since the other 2 dogs, were small, the owner gave us some what of an ultimatum.

so, with that said, on this valentine's day, 2013, i'd like to gift to u with...a digital illustration, of "greta" in the hopes that her lovely, amazing personality, will remind you, that no matter if you have a loved one near or far, their touching spirit, just like "greta" will always embrace you and your surrounding and that they will forever be in our heart...

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