Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the big heap

we met and had so many awesome guest into the vintage bruja boo'tique. everyone appreciated our 63' shasta renovation!

we met so many amazing guest that appreciated all of our handmade artworks, leather works, and illustrations
all the guest were greeted with the coolest chalk art that Lori drew in the entry way! 

this colorful greeting just set the mood for what was to come! 
the venue was set amongst beautiful green trees. It wa hard to believe we were in arizona, surrounded with such lush greenery everywhere! the weather was perfect, 85 degrees. and yes, its a typical flagstaff summer? We had some monsoon rain, but nothing to crazy & nothing to stop the customers from coming to the event! 
We had the most fun and warm greeting from people that drove in from "the valley"! {phoenix}

I am such a cali girl, that when someone would ask if we too, drove in from the valley, I would respond, "no! from orange county!" duh? san fernando valley is way to far!!! 
yup! that was my answer! I felt like such a dork! after I realized what they meant by "the valley", when they would ask, I would laugh in my head and say no! hehe ...CA. 

here are just a few pics of the amazing customers we encountered that just loved & appreciated our work!

very awesome and genuine people! everything that surrounded us made this trip worth it!

thank u all that came by to support us and our the work we love doing! all the men and women that enjoyed entering our Boo'tique, thank u for all ur compliments an words of encouragement! It was a pleasure to service u all and talk with most of our guest! 
here's an article in the local paper about Victor & I, and about our vision for our products and their market

my hats off to u, until we meet again @ the big heap november!