Monday, January 28, 2013

CHA 2013

craft and hobby association conference
this was my first time attending CHA, and let me fun!!! I love being around kindred spirits of creativity, art, and most it is where artist and real business meet. how can anything be better than that. well, it gets better.... i have friends that are partaking in this event and are very successful. writing books, developing products, and are just creative masterminds behind all the things i love....EVERYTHING PAPER!!! 
jenny doh
oh! jenny doh! yup! she is just...., to me...what i call... bad ass!!! she is the nicest, warmest, and most kind power house of a women you can meet! i make her laugh...and she makes me think hard about my next move. it's nice to have someone you can bounce the craziest dreams and ideas, in an open and vulnerable situation...and know that even if they laugh at are still in a safe place. i'm imagining, when your a women with an important title, you have to watch how you say things because people are always judging your mannerism, character, and motives. 
jenny just gives it to me... i already left my ego at the door, so all i can do is......i just take it...and know that walking away, i just became a better person! it's nice. if you get a chance, take a class at her studio slash publishing office. she holds classes there with some great artist. she also teaches on the topic of publishing and time management. she is a true pioneer women making a path for her own destiny! i love it!! 
kristen robinson
i met kristen awhile back. i was just beginning to grow my art wings again, and just launch vintage bruja, and there she was, at an art retreat in los angeles, selling jewlery she made. that's when i saw...a black necklace with a witch flying on a broom as a silhouette. stop it!
i knew it was meant to be. i paid, went on with the event...and decided i was going to represent my new purchase. so, i take my little necklace out of the bag, put it was fittn' a bit snug. my girlfriend made me laugh, and that witch went flying!!!! the charm would flip up and stay erect on my neck until i stopped laughing! hahaha! i took my sexy self over to kristen and said, chunky girls need an extra link. she was so sweet, she smiled took the necklace and hooked me up. that was almost 3 years ago. and now...i was so excited to see her new line of jewelery finding with matching stencils
 you can use with an awesome product called ice resin by susan lenart kazmer!

tim holtz
haaaa! mr tim holtz! i just want to work with him. he seems like a fun guy to work for and with...but to also gain informat ion regarding the business' he has launched. he's not only approachable, but he has so much knowledge in his products and passionate about the tricks they can do...even if you're like me, and don't scrapbook as often anymore...he makes u want to get back into it, guns blazing!! he happens to have a great product line with two of the companies we custom order our products.
meeting him was just a personal goal! and yay! i put it out there in the universe...and made it happen!

kathy murillo "craffy chica"
 another artist i put out in the universe to meet was, the "crafty chica". i feel like she is my latina sister from another mister!!! she wrote a book and named it "la casa loca" which means crazy house. and i'll be darn...i have a sign that we've had for about 12 years that is displayed on our door that reads, "casa de locos" which is house of coocoo's!!
she has been an inspiration for latina artist like myself. we call kathy in "the hood",  la marta e'stewart!!! hehehe... there are very few successful approachable latinas in the art business, and i have to admit... kathy murillo and jennifer lopez, have been my favorites!!! they are confident in their skin, and what they do. they are and have been in a place were sharing is caring. they are not worried that "priscilla" asking questions about their business and is coming up the ranks. heheehe. for's just another latina in the struggle and trying to make things happen! u gotta' love it!

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  1. Great post, chica! I love the story about the witch necklace, you so funny! ;)