Friday, January 24, 2014

bohemian gypsy chic

ever wish you could wander through life with a no care in the world? 
That's what this gypsy wagon represents; the freedom to just be you...
with no inhibitions.
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i am so in love with my little gypsy wagon illustration. as an inspiration, i used my pinterest board gypsy love to draw and recreate my version of this adorable wagon. she reminds me of so many amazing lil' memories she strikes up. as you may or may not know...i am a h uge wizard of oz fan. and theres one scene with dorthy and the wizard in kansas when she runs away and meet up with this gypsy wagon and the wizard. also, as a kid, my mom always made mention, because we were on the move so often, that we were traveling gypsies. although, young life was rough, but this wagon is such a great memory. everything about this illustration makes me so excited. i just can't wait to she where this bohemmian gypsy wagon ends up? 
soon she will be available as a boo'tique charm at my etsy shop:
i need to change her color combinations... and i can't wait to solder these cute lil' charms! Then, when i get a chance...she will be tooled on a cute messenger bag, just in time for our Glitterfest Event in March 2014. 
so stay tuned and i look forward to keeping you all updated.
xoxoxoxo y besos


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