Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Gilded Life

This summer I had the pleasure of working with the dynamic mom and daughter duo of
A Gilded Life!
In the arts and crafts industry, I have had the pleasure of meeting the most amazing, encouraging, & uplifting women! 
As artist, we all have a connecting kindred spirit of joy! And when you can connect with another woman on that level, it's the most encouraging moment! Women that are genuinely excited about your success; that want to lift you up, can be very hard to find. 
Shea and Debbie, to me, have been just that; encouraging, down to earth, let me break it down to you....! 
That to me is the real deal! 
I'm excited to try their new jewelry line they are introducing at CHA this year! 
I'm thinking a few of my personal illustration will be housed very nicely in one of these beautiful pieces! 
Anyway, I just wanted to lift these women up as they move into the week of CHA and let them know how much I appreciate their personalities and encouragement! May they sell the $&;)? out of their jewelry line
Kick a ton of Pirate Booty and take names! 
Three cheers for Shea and Debbie from A Gilded Life. 
Love you Girls!! 
Gooooo Girl Power!!!!!

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