Sunday, September 30, 2012

dis de los muertos

I love halloween! eeek! i'm in love with dia del los muertos. I love the idea of celebrating the lives of our family ancestors and what legacy they have left us here on earth!
eventhough it's traditionally a mexican celebration, i have fully embraced it and enjoy the meaning of this festivities.
the other day i was walking past my favorite store, paper source, and.... i see the most amazing and inspiring window! i love it when stores recognize our latin heritage! i was sooo inspired.
yes! it set the tone for my imagination to just rrrrruuuun!
aaaahhaahhaaaaaayyyyyy! I just had to scream!
each catrina measures 4" by 3" and is embellished with swarovski crystals.
each leather flower, skull, and catrina hat is hand cut and placed to make sure her image is properly decorated and represented. 

and.... my catrina hair clips were born! 
a plan in my imagination, then on to paper, and image with leather.
the things we can dream up and make come to life, is just so awesome!
so, with that said, they will be available on my etsy:
tomorrow...october 1, 2012!
besos y un gran abrazo!

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