Sunday, September 9, 2012

evolution of vintage bruja designs

12 years ago, my husband and i hit the flea market circuit with personalized name buckets with original drawn artwork for the lil' ones! we named that business "lil' miss savannah's treasures"!
It was a huge hit and a great success!
{this is what we came up with back in 2000}
{here is Target's version of lil' miss savannah's treasures}
unfortunately, because of the great success we were having, physically the success was wearing on me physically, and we went on a business hiatus! 

i've always love to make things for kids because they are so expressive!! When you capture a child's attention, u get mind, body,  and soul!!!
children still have a creative imagination, and taping into that is what I love about creating lil' treasures for them! 
these picture clearly depict why i...genuinely enjoy the lil' ones!!
{lil' treasures we customized @ the vintage marketplace in fallbrook, ca this past weekend}
so cute!!!

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