Friday, October 28, 2011

vendor night... north carolina, and i was sick as a dog!!!!
tsa ran my suitcase ragged. they broke all my halloween handmade treats to sell. all i was left with was this....

 {these pics are from my the pics aren't the best}
no camera, at my first art event!!!
...i was happy to say the least, because i still did well with my trinkets!! halloween tombstones would have knocked your socks off...
but who would know other than my husband, kids, and moms. they saw me working feverishly trying to get these tombstones packed and off to north carolina.
and here they are, my tombstones, after tsa got a hold of them....

they unpacked each of the tombstones...mind u, they weren't even taped. just covered so that they stay in tact! but nooooo!!!!!
they had to rip the little suckers apart! really? who rips a decoration appart? and... what the hell where they looking for? that's what i want to know?
 gone are my holiday tombstones. now, i just have to rebuild them and wait for 2012! 
mwhhhaaaa! ha! ha!
jost' a  v'ait for my reeeeturn!!!

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