Sunday, October 23, 2011

flapper charms today...

...on my etsy website! 

after carefully drawing my inner spirited flapper girl, i just couldn't think of what else to do with her. every now and again, i get this urge to doodle! so while i was watching savannah play soccer, there i was on the field....just doodling away!!!!
from the doodle, i went into my bruja cave and just started to embellish, and brew...bubbles, bubbles...toils and troubles....
here they are:
 they are just to cute! right?

{each charm measures 1x3, and sandwiched between glass} 
really, i'm only working with a 1x3 canvas, so finding the right words, and situating them can be so tedious.
but...i'm excited to put these girls in my shop! 

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