Tuesday, June 28, 2011

showgirl flapper charms...

mirror, mirror standing tall, who is the best flapper of this enchanted ball?
"p" is for priscilla luvs purple!!! yay!

♥ inspiration~
inspired by the movie “burlesque”, each “ooak” flappers is dressed and ready for show time! dangerous on the dance floor, ready to perform, these showgirls have plenty of talent. each showgirl represents an initial to tell all!!! whether its’ namesake or attitude…each showgirl lives up to her expectation.

♥ description~
each charm is composed of original & altered artwork converted into print. each charm is glittered with german glass glitter and decorated with swarovski crystals sandwiched between beautiful beveled glass. Each curiosity is then framed with very high silver content lead~free solder, individually handmade & designed by me!

No 2 soldered charms are alike. Each one is unique, with its own lil’ character! They are meant to be shared, worn, or just to adorn!

♥ charm size~
2in x 2in

♥ useful idea~
the perfect gift to share when you out and about. Charms are always a conversation starter. Maybe you want to hang it from your purse, clutch, suitcase, carry~on, train case, make-up case, ipad or ipod case. These charms make the perfect ornament to any trinket or basket.

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