Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the country mercantile

1007 6th st
norco, ca

it has been a long time comming, but we finally have decided to take my art and inspiration and open up shop in norco, ca @ the cuttest antique shabby chic shop in "horsetown usa"!

everything i stocked in the store, with vinatge bruja is made with love by the palm of my hands.
the country mercantile is a little cottage set on the main street of "horsetown usa" norco, ca!
This little cottage is filled with so many vintage finds, from beautifully painted furniture to antique "through back" furniture. Out back there's a cute little door that allows you to walk out to the adorable back yard that houses more little treasures and trinkets for your home and garden.
rhonda hawthorne and her husband are the hands behind the wheel of this ship! and they are just so sweet.
i am so excited to be a part of this family, that i just can't wait to for the future events to take place.
i mean....yeee~haaaw!
in honor of norco, ca.
come out and see us sometime. {wink, wink}

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  1. yea we found each other!!! Did I miss the part where you said that you opened a shop? i have to get to CA to see it and you!!!