Sunday, December 5, 2010

inspiration delivered!

i have been movin' and grovin' but haven't been able to blog a post to save my life...until now! it's amazing how an artist mind works. very fragile i tell u. u come to the computer, u sit and look at the key pad, and....nada! not'a damn thing comes to mind. u leave u go out with the fam, u come back, u upload the pictures, and....ur not motivated to write about that because, aaaah! it's to soon to talk about.

anyway, my girlfriend mariasella signed us up to do a local craft fair, and that's when my creative angel came and sat on my shoulder to chit chat! and whooolah!

inspiration was delivered!

the golden era of hollywood inspired my creative juices and i was soaring with memories of watching all these classic movies with my mom as a kid. my mom wanted to be an actress, dancer, singer...u name it, she was trying it. my mom can watch old movies on a rainy day, all day long and crochet. and there i was, right there next to her, thinking i was going to be shirley temple one day, " on the good ship....lollipop!"

well, hollywood never did call, but it did inspire me to create an solder my heart out! as i soldered each one of these ornaments....i was listening to old christmas carols streaming on kbig 103.5, i was just going down memory lane...with fred astaire. 2 of my favorite characters from wizard of oz are the cowardly lion, and the wicked witch! and as i was decorating them, i could laugh like the witch, scare myself, and then say..."put'em up, put'em up! fight you with my eyes closed, ay!"
oooh! and then jean harlow hit the table and "aaah!' i could here madonna's "vogue" playing in the background of the christmas carols, "just here those sleigh bells ringling'...vogue, vogue, vogue"! that's just how my mind work. it's just going places. then charlie chaplin jumped on the brain and man! i thought laurel and hardy....and boooom! i was back on stage again, in front of a packed audience, me! yeah! i was funny! ameteur of course, but....i was funny!
record scratches in the conscience tells me
"priscilla come back girl...ur dreaming again witch!"
and then, i'm back!
and....scene! LOL!

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