Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hand delivered with a delicious touch!

I had an idea that I had to share with you. I am always in and out of restaurants, and am always seeing different types of plastic containers that store food, just being tossed away. Every time I see someone tossing the container, I always think, "How can I reuse this?" Or when I'm in a candy store, and I watch the sales rep package an ordinary chocolate covered strawberry in that rectangular clear box with cute shred, I think, "yay! That's so cute!" Then you give that strawberry gift to that special someone, & they just toss that clear, rectangular box into the trash, and you're just watching it fall right into the trash can in slow motion, thinking, Nooo! Do you know what I can do with that? But you don't say anything out loud because ordinary people don't think like creative minds do!

What a Creative Living Idea! Don't u think? What I did was simply combined a candy shop package with twine & colored tissue. I needed to wrap a custom made ornament for a client that I was going to hand deliver. After wrapping the ornament, I thought, Aaargh! This is such a cute gift but it just looks so, blah! Then I remembered, I had some left over dessert in the refrigerator from the night before. So I took out the dessert, wiped the container clean, and thought… AHA! I Finally! found a reason to use these containers and not have to feel guilty by throwing them away anymore! Can I just share, that just by wrapping that cute handmade ornament, in that cute little container, filled with colored tissue paper, tied with the twine & finished off with a crown brooch, I actually made my handmade beauty look boutique, and not swap meet!

You can turn your handmade gift from boring & unthoughtful to delicious and unexpected. It's definitely an inexpensive way to regift with an unexpected solution!

Hand delivered with a delicious touch!

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