Sunday, May 26, 2013

diy necklace display

do u ever wonder how u can display your really loooong necklaces?
well, here i'll share an idea I had, when i tried to figure out how we could get more long necklaces displayed in our mobile shop.

I. first, I took off the velvet that covered the cardboard necklace display. then, started gluing paper flower from the neck of the display down!
simple glue gun will work when placing ur paper flowers on the cardboard portion of ur necklace display. 
II. once the display is covered with flowers, find and old candle holder, and spray paint ur base the color u would like. 

once ur base is dry, glue ur necklace display to give it some height. 

III.  after the display is glued and dry, take ur spray paint and give ur entire display 2 coats of paint, including the flowers. 
IV. grab a drill, decide where u want to place ur door knobs on ur display. 

V. after u have decided where to place ur door knob / necklace holders where they will conveniently be out of the way of ur center focal necklace. 

VI. Finis
You are all done!!

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