Sunday, February 5, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team 2012 Audition

the g45 team just announced that are looking for new members for their design team. omg! i think they're calling me out? and, guess what?..... i am all in....yeee haw!
given the opportunity...u have to just rise to the occasion!!!
because i sell on etsy, i don't have any projects with g45 paper. however, don't get it twisted, the line is in my treasure pile. only the lucky friends and family that i make stuff for, get a piece of my gr45.
as part of the audition, g45 asked to see 6 creative projects. These are the ones i have created, drawn, and soldered.  anyway...wish me luck y'all!!!
project 1:
piñata banner
inspired by my love for piñata’s, paper, cardstock and celebrations! I had to make a lasting banner that would sustain the fiestas. Each banner is decorated with piñata inspired trim, yet decorated with a vintage twist.
this ornate banner is embellished with old and new findings, embellishments and decorations. Each pendant has been individually decorated with themed, cardstock and metallic paper, to give it a unique paper lace look. Each pendant is made individually in order to make it look unique and beautiful as the pendant displays each letter.  This banner is ooak, hangs  approx. 7ft long.
no, 2 pendants are alike. Each one is unique, with its own lil’ character! The banner is meant to be displayed and adorn!
project 2:

this drawing came from these hands
♥ inspiration~
inspired by the movie “burlesque”, each “ooak” flappers was drawn with her own uniqueness. each flapper is dressed and ready for show time! dangerous on the dance floor, ready to perform, these showgirls have plenty of talent. each showgirl represents an initial to tell all!!! whether its’ namesake or attitude…each showgirl lives up to her expectation.

♥ description~
each charm is composed of original & altered artwork converted into print. each charm is glittered with german glass glitter and decorated with swarovski crystals sandwiched between beautiful beveled glass. Each curiosity is then framed with very high silver content lead~free solder, individually handmade & designed by me!

project 3:
versitile embellished belt buckle
charlie chaplin
these vintage inspired belt buckles were just a joy to create! i could just embellish and decorate until my heart desired! then i thought...ooops! some of these are for men! and sure husband ran off with one in this collection.
sophia loren
laurel and hardy!
 james dean

jean harlow

the fabulous mae west....
project 4:
recycled artwork
♥ inspiration~
inspired by the movie wizard of oz, "the emerald city" was made out of everything recycled. from tissue boxes, toilet rolls, and papertowel cores, this structure was created.
project 5:
holiday card / ornament

♥ inspiration~
each card is composed of vintage inspired, embellished & altered artwork converted into a sweetheart ornament card. each valentine’s day cards serves 2 purpose; as a personalized card and a keepsake valentine ornament. After u personalize the back of the card, and give it to that special someone, they can display this beautiful paper art in celebration of such a romantic holiday

project 6:
shadow box charms
♥ inspiration~
each charm is composed of vintage inspired, embellished & altered artwork converted into a sweetheart ornament you can hang from a necklace, a tree, or just to adorn. each charm serves 2 purposes: a necklace charm or an ornament to adorn or as a gift.


  1. Your work is AMAZING!! Just gorgeous!!! Good luck! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Sorry for the dupe comments love :):):):) My computer kinda went crazy! lol! :):):):):):):):)

  3. @julie thank u so much for the warm wishes. xoxoxo

  4. although... i didn't make the cut, my girlfriend denise hahn did make it. and so it is with this i send her much love and congratulations.